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Hello and welcome to DrumWorx Teaching Studios. Established in 2005, I (Robert Fenn) am dedicated to offering professional one to one drum tuition with a passion and total commitment to individual student development in a private teaching studio based in Norwich, Norfolk.

  • Rockschool Qualified Music Educator
  • Access To Music Teaching Diploma
  • 100% Rockschool passrate
  • 30 years playing experience and over 10 years teaching experience

For all enquiries regarding drum tuition, drum lesson availability, or anything else use the contact section of the website.

Drum lessons

All aspects of drumming and performance are covered during drum lessons and whether you wish to learn for fun, enhance your drumming technique and abilities as a drummer or study for Rockschool grades I am more then happy to assist you with your learning.

Drummer drumming on drums

Whatever the style, whether it be Funk, Blues, Jazz, Tango, Samba, Shuffles or Rock, the drums are a fascinating way to enrich your life with so many positive aspects from health benefits, confidence building and improving your cognitive abilities and also a great way to de-stress and have some good old fashioned fun.

Level descriptors

If you are a beginner and never picked up a pair of sticks do not panic - I teach all abilities and everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a more advanced player I can introduce you to a varied range of drum styles/grooves and drumming techniques to learn and study from. Drum lessons are tailored individually to the ability of the student and are taught in a private studio set up with electronic and acoustic kits and a full PA system plus various other teaching essentials like a metronome, practice pads and study books to name a few.

There are so many other areas to practice & improve your drumming...


Beginner drum lessons to get you moving in the right direction:

  • Timekeeping & pulse
  • Basic hand technique
  • Counting while playing
  • Basic Rock drum grooves
  • Single & doubles


If you can play the basics but feel you want to learn more:

  • Establishing good practice
  • Playing in time & using a metronome
  • Paradiddles & triplets
  • Balance & posture
  • Styles & musical influences


Drum lessons for those comfortable & confident with their abilities:

  • Stick control & dynamics
  • Advanced hand technique
  • Groove playing & soloing
  • More complex grooves
  • Drum tuning & maintenance


Drum tuition for experienced drummers who want more challenging lessons:

  • Moeller technique
  • Linear patterns
  • Odd time signatures
  • Double bass drum
  • Creating your own patterns & ideas

Drum lessons - FAQ

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our drum lessons and any requirements for students, to reveal the answers... click on the questions.

My teaching studio is located at Botony Bay Farm, Shortthorne Road, Stratton Strawless, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 5NU. This is about 9 miles from the center of Norwich. Please see map for exact location and directions
Yes. The studio is easily accessible by car or bus and is just off the Inner Ring Road. There is ample off­ road parking.
Maybe? Nearly all of my lessons take place at the studio simply because it is easier and is ultimately far better equipped for teaching. So? Depending on your setup then its always possible. Distance is also a factor when considering lessons away from the studio. Contact to discuss your specific situation.
The lesson fee is £24 for an hour session. For younger drummers, a 45 or 30­minute lesson is more suitable and the fees are adjusted proportionately to £18.00 and £12, respectively. If regular booking then the price will drop to £20 for an hour session if you book monthly. This also guarantees your slot in the studio. See T&C’s for more info.
It is usual to have a lesson every week but you may wish to do every other week depending on your circumstances.
No drums are not required to start drumming. Everything you need is in the studio. It will however make progress slow if as a student you have nowhere to practice.
This is a subject that is individual to each person and varies from one student to the next, but I believe that the ‘little but often’ approach works best. Getting into a good practice routine requires somewhere away from distractions and I ask all my students to try to play every day, even if sometimes it’s just for a few minutes. Always try and leave the practice session with something positive...that way you are more inclined to return.
Students normally start at age 8, but I have on occasion taken on students at a younger age if they have shown to be particularly keen and have an aptitude for music. There is no upper age limit – my oldest student is a retired Vulcan bomber navigator.
Yes, of course.
All you need is determination to learn something new, and focus. Hand co­ordination is important but can be attained with a pair of sticks and a practice pad/pillow
You can purchase rubber practice pads that fit on top of your drums. These are widely available and relatively inexpensive. You could also consider electronic drums – you can adjust the volume or play them using earphones.
All of the equipment you will need for the lesson is provided but you will probably want to bring your own sticks. You are expected to be organised and bring your book or any relevant sheet music with you to the lesson.

Yes! Please get in touch to arrange this.

Contact Drumworx for your drum lessons

Please feel free to contact me by phone, text, email, through my website or in person.

Drumworx drum lessons Norwich Norfolk

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